Monday, March 09, 2009

Put-In-Bay Anyone?

Okay, this is definitely self-serving, but I thought that I would try my hand at winning a weekend at Put-In-Bay, Ohio. All I have to do is include the following links in a blog post and I am entered. I debated about taking the time to do this, and I figured if I have to think about it this much, I may as well. I have been curious about Put-In-Bay ever since we moved to Ohio, but have never been, so this would be a great opportunity. Mind you, we are not filled with extra time at the moment (in fact, we are pretty much in the deficit), however, if someone were to give us a free trip, it would be rude not to accept it. So, if for some reason this comes our way (or if anyone else would like to offer us a free trip!), I will assume that God wants us to have a little break!!!

Disclaimer: I have a sneaky suspicion that my favorite sister might offer me a "free" weekend visit at their home in PA upon reading this post. I miss you tons and I am working on it!!!


Rebecca said...

If you play your cards right I may even offer you a free week!
Love you!

Sandy Jenney said...

I hope you win Jennifer. I have lived here all my life and have never been. Isn't that terrible? My DH and I had a trip planned 2 years ago and had to cancel at the last minute.