Thursday, March 12, 2009

My Twin?

Tonight Little Pixie turned to me and said

"Wouldn't it be funny if Ashley Tisdale was your twin and you guys didn't know it?

She then went on to tell me that we really looked alike and the only difference was that she was probably just a little bit taller than me. I explained that I was barely 5'1" and she was probably lots taller than I was. I didn't want to squash her fantasy so I didn't add in the part about how I don't look anything like her, but I am flattered non the less. There is nothing like a heartfelt compliment to make you smile.

Side Note: Little Pixie is more observant than I thought - it seems Ashley Tisdale is only 5'3".


Sandy Jenney said...

Congrats! I choose your blog for an award. Come pick it up on my blog

AEGN said...

Oooh, what did you win?

Felicia said...

Wow.. Ashley Tisdale.. what a compliment.. doing High School Musical anytime soon?? LOL!!