Thursday, March 05, 2009

Do pickles cause insomnia?

On one of Skyman's first visits here, he was eating a McDonald's hamburger and singing the praises of pickles. I went and got a jar of pickles to give him a few extras and after two, he held up his hand and said:

"I'd better stop, when I eat too many pickles, I can't sleep!"

I have never heard of that before and didn't really put much stock into what he was saying, however I am now re-thinking his theory. It is 11:30 p.m. and Skyman is still awake and I served pickles with dinner!!! What is it going to take to get this boy to fall asleep. He had his usual snack, bath, and story and was in bed at 8:30 p.m., but sleep has alluded him. So far he has:

  • played with every toy that he can think of and set up elaborate toy scenes on his bed
  • come down and asked for water
  • come down and asked for crackers twice
  • come down and asked to sleep on the sofa
  • dropped his flashlight and caused a ruckus while he was looking for more books to read
  • knocked several toys off a shelf while looking for a tractor
  • asked me to read him a book

I am definitely not suffering from insomnia so I think that I am going to turn in and hope that sleep visits Skyman sometime.

Just a parting note: Skyman and I were talking today about different animals that he liked and out of the blue he said:

"And don't ever bring up clowns. I am scared of them...I think it has something to do with their noses"

Certain foods can interfere with sleep. Salty foods, tomatoes, spinach, smoked meats and pickles trigger the release of adrenaline which can keep you awake.
(Google Search 11:46 p.m.)


Rebecca said...

Oh my-- well at least now you know-- no pickles! Or maybe you need to eat pickles so you can stay awake and get things done :)
That thing about the clowns is hilarious! Did you tell him you don't like them either?

The Royal Family said...

how very odd!

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