Thursday, October 09, 2008

My Ship Has Come In

While grocery shopping at Kroger today, I spotted a bin that said:

"Select Candy - 4/$1.00"

Now, I need more candy like I need another groundhog living under our deck, but I thought that I might have spotted Reeses Pieces and you can never have too many Reeses Pieces. If there really were individual bags of Reese Pieces in there for twenty-five cents each, I would have to invest a dollar or two for my future happiness. I got close enough to investigate and almost started to wasn't bags of Reeses Pieces, it was BOXES of Reeses Pieces. Beautiful orange 4 oz. boxes of Reese Pieces, and they weren't even expired. How many should I buy? At first 4 seemed enough, but then I thought 8 made more sense and the next thing I knew there were 12 in my cart. I honestly almost talked myself into more, but then I noticed the large Movie Theater boxes of Whoppers in the same bin. Twenty-Five cents for Whoppers!!! Somehow 4 of those made it into my cart too. Oh, the joy.

Just in case a certain sister of mine is reading this post and may think that I have forgotten that I will be seeing her this weekend and that she is also in the Reeses Pieces fan club --fear not --There are 4 boxes already set aside and ready!!!!!


Rebecca said...

Oh yes-- you were reading my mind. Thank you that I won't have to drop a hint-- I will enjoy them immensely!!! Can't wait to see you,

Jen D said...

Jenny - you are a nut and a woman after my own heart, which means, I guess, that I am a nut. Thanks for the self-realization. Happy munching! Jen D