Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The Plan

Our Plan:
  • Take Foster Care Classes and complete Foster Care requirements and become licensed sometime at the beginning of 2009
  • Offer to do Respite Care (temporary care of Foster children to give their foster families a little break) until basement work starts in the Spring of 2009
  • Complete all of the house/basement renovations by Fall 2009
  • Start fostering children after Fall 2009 with the hopes to adopt in the future.

How the Plan is Going:

We attended our second Foster Care class last week and the Director asked to speak with us afterwords. She had received a call that day from a County Agency that was looking for a family to foster 2 children that were open to adoption if that option became available. The Director thought of us and wanted to see what we thought. Oh, I might have failed to mention that the fostering would start at the beginning of November!!!!! We kind of stared at her and blinked a little and then said "What was that again?"
I honestly think that I heard God chuckling as she continued to explain the situation. I just knew He was going to surprise us like that to make sure I don't get too caught up in plans. That sneaky, sneaky God! We asked if it was even possible to be licensed by then and she assured us that if we worked together diligently, it would be a whirlwind, but we could do it.


I really cannot give any right now, but the placement would be at the beginning of November for a brother and sister, ages 8 and 5 respectively.

Our Decision:

It sure seems like this is God putting the plan right in front of us again, so to say anything other than "let's do it" wouldn't make any sense.

My Thoughts:

Most of my thoughts have not been coherent enough to put in sentences. I have moments of peace and calm and hours of internal panic wondering what in the world I was thinking considering having children and believe it or not underneath it all has been a continual chain of excitement...

What has happened since last Tuesday:
  • We were able to share all of this with our family and some friends. That was part of the reason in my delay in blogging. My mom underwent knee replacement surgery on the day that this happened and she has been too drugged to follow much until the last couple of days. So, we wanted to tell her first before I shared with the blog world.
  • We were fingerprinted for our background checks (not as easy as one might think. Apparently I have small fingers with fine ridge detail which equaled us having to re-do my prints over and over and over again until they finally were clear enough to submit.)
  • The Director of our Agency came out to the house to see where we lived and give us suggestions on things we might need to do to make it compliant with regulations (there are several things, but nothing too major)
  • We had a meeting yesterday morning with our Director and several people from the County the children are coming from to see if we would be considered a good fit. (They mentioned they are actually considering some other families too, which was a surprise to us. So, we are not sure what that means, but they are too get back with our director by the end of the week)

Task For Today:

Fill out our Financial paperwork and get all the copies of financial information that are required to turn in at class tonight.

New Plan:

See what happens each day and go with it.


AEGN said...

Oh wow, Jenny. I really believe this is all being lead by God's hand. I am so excited for you! I hope it all works out for you and your husband!

Rebecca said...

So excited Jenny and praying daily for you and the kiddos,
Love you,

Anna said...

The Soft Seder Set seemed so much simpler not too long ago, didn't it?