Saturday, August 30, 2008

Uncharted Waters

You may notice a new little addition on the right hand side of my blog...the option to subscribe to my blog via email. I got inspired earlier tonight and thought that might be a nice feature, but I realized that there were a lot of technicalities involved in offering this option that I don't necessarily understand. Normally that would deter me as I like to be pretty educated on anything I do, but I guess I was feeling adventurous and decided to just shut my eyes and give it a go.

So, if anyone would like to get an email telling you anytime I update my blog, feel free to subscribe on the right and please let me know if anything seems wacky. And for you seasoned bloggers that might stop in, any words of wisdom or do's and don'ts when using Feedburner would be greatly appreciated.


Rebecca said...

Hi Jen,
I signed up and think I did it right-- but was I already signed up?

AEGN said...

Hey Jenny, I signed up and got an email today about your new blog titled "Potato Solution" :) Seems to work perfectly! Hmm, maybe I will copy you and put that on my blog too... :)