Thursday, August 21, 2008

Showers of Terror

You know how when you are away from home for awhile, you start looking forward to sleeping in your own bed? Well, when I am visiting my family, all I can think about is getting home to my own shower (and I don't even like my shower that much!)

Disclaimer: I think that everyone should set up their own house in the way that they like and with things that they like, so I don't have any intention of complaining about the showers in person...unless I break a hip!

My Parent's Shower
My parent's have a bathtub converted to a shower and the shower itself is fine, it is the shower head that makes things difficult. It cannot be adjusted, so the water sprays at one height and one height only. I am assuming that this particular height hits the average person at a convenient spot, but it does not work so well for short people. If I step into the shower at the front, the water goes right over my head. I could stand in there fully clothed and not get wet. If I move towards the middle of the shower, I am suddenly assaulted by water spraying in my mouth, nose, and eyes. I stumble backwards and by the time I am on my tip toes and my heels are resting on the back of the tub, I can see again and the water is pretty much hitting me in the neck. It is not impossible, but definitely a difficult shower experience. And just for an added kick in the butt, when you step out of the shower, you are instantly hit with a blast of cold air by the air conditioning vent. It is one of those special vents that even though you think you are turning it off, you are really just re-directing the air so your only choice is which part of your body you want to succumb to this. You'd think that this would only happen a few months out of the year, but unless there is snow on the ground, my mom probably has the air conditioner running!

My In-Law's Shower
My in laws also have a bathtub/shower, but thankfully, the shower head is entirely movable and can be positioned any way that you would like. However, I found out in my first shower there several years ago that the limit on the hot water is about 10 minutes...not something that you want to be surprised with. Now 10 minutes maybe plenty of time for most people, but for a girl that wants to shave her legs and wash her hair, it can get kind of dicey, so some serious planning needs to be involved. I get every toiletry, towel, and accessory that I need for my shower opened, positioned and ready for my sprint and when I turn the water on, the little military voice in my head screams "GO! GO! GO!" There is actually one more unfortunate thing to add to this scenario. I am not sure what the bottom of their bathtub is made out of, but it is the slipperiest surface I have ever been on and I grew up in the ice storms of Michigan! I have to take tiny cautious steps whenever I turn, move, or breath and it is miraculous that i have stayed upright so far!

I think that this is enough for now, but if I had to continue, I might mention that the Shower Curtain in my sister's bathroom despises me. We have a fight every time I am there and I usually end up wearing the plastic thing before I am out of the shower with a few stray metal shower rings in my hair....


Bethany said...


Having grown up in a house with a footed bathtub shower, I feel your pain! My parents shower has absolutely no pressure and when my 27 year old sister visited my apartment in boston a couple of years ago, she said my shower was the best she had ever used! I was like, "are you kidding?" and she proceeded to tell me of her shower history -- and yes, my shower won by far!

p.s. I got your post on scoopalicious about maggie moo's ice cream cupcakes -- if you want to test them for us, we'd love a review because we don't have them in new england!!!!

Rebecca said...

Well my sister, you will be glad to note that I replaced the evil shower curtain you referred to. It now has the circular rings that don't come unhooked when you pull on the curtain, and it is a new washable fabric curtain. I think you need to come here soon and test it out to make sure it likes you better,

The Silly Wagon said...

I can't find an email address for you Jennifer but you won the contest on The Silly Wagon blog for the personalized stamp!
Email me at

AEGN said...

This is so great. You take the little annoyances that all of us think about and make a funny blog out of them. I love it!