Friday, September 05, 2008

Potato Solution?

I might have found my next Wish List item. These canisters have captured my attention and I am debating on whether I might really need them. I never cook with fresh garlic (although maybe I should), so I could skip the littlest one, but they look so cute in a set of three.

My biggest interest is the one for Potatoes. I love having potatoes on hand, but every time I buy some, I find myself aimlessly wandering through my house holding my bag of potatoes trying to figure out where to store them. I know that "they" say that potatoes will stay best in a cool, dark, and dry environment, but I don't have someplace that meets all of those criterion. The basement is usually dark and mostly cool, but definitely not dry. The kitchen is never dark (although I could put them in a bag), a little cool, but dry...the office upstairs....well now I am just getting goofy, but you get my point. It's a problem. The end result is I choose someplace and I usually forget about the potatoes and when I go to search them out, they have turned into a whole new vegetable complete with extensive root system and far too many eyes looking at me, so they go directly in the trash.

Could these stylish looking canisters be the answer. I could keep them on the kitchen counter, it would be mostly cool, it would be dark, and it would be dry...however it doesn't look like it holds too many and I wouldn't want to waste any... I could just buy individual potatoes, but they are so much cheaper in the 5 and 10 pound and bigger bags, but that really doesn't matter if you are always wasting them....

Just thought I would give you a glimpse on how my mind wanders!

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