Thursday, August 07, 2008

Grocery Shopping

Yesterday was a big grocery shopping trip and as many of you know, I find oodles of fun in that. I hit Target, Giant Eagle, Kroger, and Meijer and was gone about 4 1/2 hours total (they are about 30 miles away from my house). It went well with the exception of always feeling pressed for time and that I need to hurry (I usually just put that on myself)

Good: Finding things on clearance
Better: Finding things on clearance for at least 75% off!
Best: Finding things on clearance for at least 75% off that I can also use a coupon on!

Good: Finding those tearpads of coupons around the store
Better: Finding tearpads of coupons for items that I actually want
Best: Finding tearpads of coupons for items that I want that are $1.00 off!
Bad: Finding an empty cardboard backing from a tearpad letting me know that there used to be coupons, but they have all been taken.

Good: Coupons printing out at the check-out from the magic coupon machine
Better: Coupons printing out that are for FREE items
Best: Coupons printing out at the checkout and having the person ahead of you give you theirs because they don't care about coupons (this rarely happens, but it is great!)
Bad: Thinking a coupon is printing out, but it turns out to be an advertisement for a new Credit Card.

Best Clearance Find of the day
75% of infant/toddler clothing at Meijer making each piece 99 cents. My nephew is going to score a couple of new outfits.

Things that I got for free with coupons
Pasta Roni
Oscar Mayer Fast Franks
Colgate Toothbrushes
Dr. Pepper

Best check-out coupon
Free SoBe water on my next visit from Giant Eagle.

It really is tons of fun!

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AEGN said...

Wow, you are good. And you are only shopping for two people! :)