Monday, August 04, 2008

Mini Vacation

My husband and I just got back from a last minute Mini-Vacation with my in-laws. We were gone for 4 1/2 days and went to The Henry Ford Museum, Greenfield Village, visited some friends in Canada, St. Clair - Michigan, and Frankenmuth with a brief stop at Cabellas on the way home since my in-law's had never been there (My mother-in-law's first comment "Look at those fighting bears!"). It was a hoot as most trips with either set of our parents are. Here are a few highlights:

Tastiest Treat : The hot turkey sandwich at Sign of the Beefcarver in Dearborn, MI

Most Fun: Teasing my mother-in-law constantly. She seems to get just as big a kick out of it as I do.

Best Overheard Conversation: Walking by a young couple at Bronner's Christmas Wonderland in Frankenmuth with a baby sleeping in a stroller.

Mother - "The baby smells like bacon."
Father (leaning over and sniffing the baby)
"Why does the baby smell like bacon?"

I really wanted to stick around and find out the answer, but it seemed kind of rude.

Biggest Surprise: I purchased something that cost more than $5! I bought a Spring Coat and I love it. Everyone was shocked and it is possible I was under the influence of some kind of vacation drug, but either way, I now have a Spring Coat that is not hopelessly out of style.

Biggest Non-Surprise: 7 Year Aged Sharp Cheddar Cheese does not do anything for me. Well actually, it kind of repulsed me.

Most Interesting Trivia: Seeing a list of all of Heinz's 57 Varieties at the Heinz Museum in Greenfield Village. (It was even more fascinating as the little house it was in was air-conditioned and I was way over-heated at this time. I suddenly wanted to learn all that I could possibly learn about Heinz and was willing to spend hours doing it)

Best Investment: Once you purchased a $2 drink at Greenfield Village, you could have it refilled for free all day long at any place serving drink. You didn't even need to keep your cup, just the receipt. I think that I drank more lemonade that day than I have in my entire life!

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Lori said...

Man, I really want to know why that baby smells like bacon....