Sunday, July 01, 2007

Short Lived Victory

Warning: This post may be a tad bit on the gross side.

I woke up this morning to the sound of a cat throwing up. I quickly went to investigate and there was a disturbed looking Roscoe under the dining room table, but no vomit to be found. I went on into the kitchen and there it was. It was highly disgusting, yet I was still a bit excited. We have a household rule for humans and pets alike:

If you are going to throw up and can't get to an appropriate container, always throw up on the linoleum.

Daniel and I have mastered this rule, but the cats haven't. In fact, only once in what seems like a million instances has either cat ever chosen the linoleum (over carpet) and that time it wasn't as beneficial as I had hoped, because although she was on the linoleum, Acorn aimed most of the vomit down the air vent.

So, this was a huge milestone and Roscoe was praised highly. The clean up is so much easier on linoleum! However, as my title indicates, the victory was short lived. Only minutes later I heard Roscoe start to moan and I found him looking pretty sick again. I started to encourage him to make his way to the kitchen, but he got a crazed look in his eye and decided to try and outrun the vomit, which actually resulted in a large trail of vomit encircling our bed. It was at this time that I decided to get Daniel's help, who was still sleeping in the aforementioned bed, and he quickly complied. In the middle of this clean up, Roscoe started to moan again and I looked over to see him perched over my shoes. I grabbed the shoes, Daniel gave Roscoe a firm shove towards the bathroom and we had a 50% linoleum success.

So, I am still calling it a victory, but hoping that Roscoe is going to be feeling better very quickly!


Rebecca said...

EWWWWWW Gross-- Nothing gross like that ever happens here, I cannot relate at all :)
Have you been vomit free for a couple days now?

AEGN said...

Poor kitty!! BTW, I got your comment, thank you! Today I changed my blog address to, just to let you know. :)