Friday, July 27, 2007

For the Love of the Amish

Background Information:

I travel quite a bit.

I get sleepy and bored when I drive.

My car only has a cassette deck, not a CD player.

Someone suggested Books On Tape.

I tried one, but the narrator annoyed me.

I tried another and found out narrators make a big difference!!

Obsessiveness and fear of a bad narrator compelled me to search and only get books narrated by the good narrator.

This choice led me to several different books and authors and then to Beverly Lewis who writes fictional books based on the Amish and Amish community.

Obsessiveness and enjoying this author led me to only getting books by Beverly Lewis.

Possible Problem: the good narrator only narrated some of Beverly Lewis' books and so I had to ditch the good narrator or ditch Beverly Lewis.

Decided to be a risk taker and stayed with Lewis...good choice

I have started listening to the books during household chores too and I am on the last Beverly Lewis book.

I was making the bed and I was instructed to turn Tape 4 over to the other side and I did and I heard gibberish! Non-intelligible gibberish. I fast forwarded, rewound, listened to more gibberish and then the tape just stopped. I looked it over and decided that there appeared to be a jumbling of the tape ribbon all the way at the end of the spool... How daring did I want to be...I felt energized....should I.... Moments later I had mounds and mounds of ribbon on the table in front of me, two cats wanting in on the action and a plan. I flattened the curled up ribbon and started re-rolling the ribbon. After what seemed like hours, I came to the end and there was still a flip in the ribbon. So, I either did not rewind carefully and allowed the ribbon to flip, or the little bit of ribbon on the other side actually had a problem too. I opted for the later and pulled out that side and sure enough, right at the end, there was another ribbon problem. I flattened again, re-fed the ribbon in, said a little prayer, put the tape in the recorder and viola!!! I had an English speaking narrator and I can get back to what is going on in Bird In Hand, PA.
Life is good!

Incidentally, I am also a wiz at untangling fishing line.
Every once in a while being methodical and obsessive pays off!

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Anonymous said...

You are so dear. Glad to hear you were able to untangle the problem.