Thursday, June 14, 2007

Poor Roscoe

As you can probably imagine, vet day is not the best day for a cat. Today was Roscoe's appointment to get his annual shots and it went something like this:

Normal day until 6:00 p.m.

Jenny tries to coax Roscoe into the carrier and Daniel finally has to do it when reasoning with Roscoe won't work.

Roscoe is taken out and put in the backseat of our car, shaking like a leaf and howling.

The carrier is covered with a towel to try and calm Roscoe and works a little.

Halfway to the vet, we make a turn and I hear a funny noise. Daniel and I happen to look in the backseat and see the cat carrier didn't take the turn so well and has landed upside down on the opposite side of the seat.

Carrier is righted with extreme apologies from everyone involved (and a few chuckles from Daniel, I might add).

We arrive at the vet, are taken right in, and Roscoe has to be extracted from the Carrier.

The vet does the exam, says Roscoe is fine, gives him a shot (Roscoe actually handled it all like a pro, minus the shedding of large amounts of fur!)

We travel home with me in the back seat, securing the Carrier.

We arrive home, release Roscoe, give him some Sympathetic treats.

Acorn comes up to Roscoe, decides that he smells like Vet and starts hissing continually and slapping him upside the head!!!

Poor Roscoe, tomorrow is bound to be a better day!

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