Friday, May 11, 2007

Honeysuckle Stinks

I am sorry to those of you that love the scent of honeysuckle or have fond childhood memories of it's sweet smell, but to me it stinks. I have trouble with floral smells in the first place. Although I am not allergic to any flowers, certain scents give me headaches, stuff up my nose and just give me a general feeling of yuckiness. The worst offenders have been Easter Lillies and Honeysuckle. Guess what grows around our house...yep, tulips, just kidding, honeysuckle! Nuts.

I burnt myself on my iron this afternoon...on the bottom of my leg. Believe me, that takes a bit of talent. I always try to be so careful when I am carrying the iron (my iron has this special feature, which has just turned out to be an annoyance, where you have to turn the iron upside down to fill it with water, so I just take it to the sink to do it.) as irons are hot and I would rather not get burned. I had made it safely back to the ironing board and was plugging in the iron and I am not sure what happened, but I got tangled up in the cord and the next thing I know, I see the ironing board tipping over and the iron coming straight for me. Another unfortunate piece of information is that the outlet I was using is located behind our Lazy Boy, so I was in between our sofa and the Lazy Boy leaning over to plug it in. There are not a lot of escape routes from this area, so, I jumped as best I could and the iron landed on the floor after hitting my leg. It could have been much worse, so I am grateful that my only injuries are a medium sized triangular burn (top of the iron) on my shin and a smaller triangular burn by my ankle (bottom of the iron).


middle aged blogger said...

You poor dear! I have ironed my arm but not my leg!

Love MA B

ps In the spirit of making lemonade from lemons, tell folks it's a new way to tan! tee hee

Rebecca said...

This is just proof that ironing is not a good idea! (now I will have a story to use to support why I don't iron: "once upon a time my sister was ironing.........." It is a dangerous hobby! :)

Windfall Woman said...

I agree with Rebecca. I don't iron unless I have to. It's a health hazard. ;-)

Anonymous said...

What is an iron?

Anonymous said...

do you also use starch? and if you do, do you sprinkle the clothes befor you iron them?

Jennifer from Ohio said...

"what is an iron?" - is this my sister again :)

Nope, I don't use starch, just good ole steam