Saturday, May 05, 2007

Mother For a Day...Or Two...Or Three

Well, I have been away babysitting my 2 nephews, ages 5 and 2. I was in charge for 3 days and 3 nights and we all survived, but I know that it was God's grace. I spent a lot of time running around like a crazy woman, but we all had clothes on when we were out in public, we stayed relatively clean and fed, and there was plenty of fun (there was some "un-fun" too, but let's not dwell on that). Here are some of my favorite things from my adventure:

Wonder Pets! I borrowed a new DVD from the library and it turned out to be a hit. We must have watched it a zillion times and I have to admit, I enjoyed it quite a bit too. The downside is that I can't get all of those cute little songs out of my head.

Little Zachary (age 2) singing. He was adorable. His favorite songs: Jesus Loves Me, Old McDonald Had a Farm, and John Deere

Jonathan's (age 5) imagination and conversation. It was amazing. I was especially humored when I was driving him to Pre-School and I made a wrong turn. Before I had even realized that I had done it, he said, "Uh Oh, Aunt Jenny, I think we have a problem. This is not the right way" and of course, he was right.

Zach's conversations with himself and his stuffed animals for about 2 hours every night after he went to bed. He would talk, sing, laugh. You name it, he did it and then eventually went to sleep.

Jonathan asking me to play "Which hole did I put the wormie in" ...not my favorite game.

I could go on and on....


middle aged blogger said...

Sounds like lots of fun to me!
Love Ma B

Rebecca said...

Ah Aunt Jenny. I for one am very glad you all survived!!! and I am very thankful that I could be away and know my boys were in the best care-- thank you again!!!
Love you!