Sunday, July 09, 2006

Sisters Gone Wild - Tenth Installment

Day #3 Dinner

It was the last night of our trip and it was still raining and we weren't ready for the fun to end, so we decided to drive to Cheboygan for dinner. Becky spotted a restaurant called The Boat House and that is where we had dinner. It was right on a river there in Cheboygan and so pretty and grown up. We again ordered the same thing - a delicious chicken & pasta dish and just had a wonderful time there. I was excited that I was taking home about 5 meals worth of the delicious food, but became quickly dejected when my stomach totally rejected the meal shortly afterwards. Sometimes that happens. I kept thinking that maybe I would try it again, but then my smarts kicked in and I realized that was just stupid, but oh well.

Day #3 Evening Activities

There wasn't much daylight left when we were done, but we decided to go ahead and make a stop at that charming little shoppe known as Wal-Mart. I mean it had been days since we had seen one. We had a great time just being silly and looking at all the things there were to buy. Roscoe scored a new set of feathers out of it too. We took a few tries at the ole Stuffed Animal Machine (Walmart's is one of the best since it is only 25 cents), but came up empty-handed. You may think that is pretty normal, but we happen to have genetics on our side. Our dad is a Professional Stuffed Animal Machine Player and he has about 15 boxes of little critters to prove it. Someday, when my ship comes in, I think I will try and buy him one of his own. Anyway, I digress. As I was checking out, I noticed that my Credit Card was not in its usual spot. I did a quick once over of my purse and came up empty handed. Becky and I scoured the car, my coat, my purse, etc. and nothing. Neither of us actually remembered me putting it away after our dinner, so we headed back to the Boat House. This had the potential to be a panic situation, but between Becky and God, I felt entirely calm about it. The Boat House staff told me right away that they had it, but unfortunately no-one could figure out who had put it where since the waitress was now off for the night. So, we waited for about 10 minutes and eventually someone located it and all was well and we headed back to Mackinaw.

Day #3 More Evening Activities

We decided to stretch the evening out just a little more and went back to Devon's Delights for some ice cream. Our friend was working again and recognized us. His accent was very adorable as he said "Oh, you're back again!" We both ordered some Mint Mackinaw Fudge ice cream. Mr Ice Cream Guy said that he looked forward to seeing us again soon, but we explained that we were leaving in the morning, but we would definitely come again on our next visit to Mackinaw and he sweetly replied..."Oh, that will be nice." We finished our ice cream in the car as we spied the performers exiting from the Heroes of Rock and Roll show and we made up scenarios about what they were doing and how we might stalk them. Then, it was back to the hotel on our final night.

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middle aged blogger said...

Perhaps you made Mackinaw the Moose for your Dad - totally guided by your subconscious, of course!

:) MAB