Sunday, July 02, 2006

Sisters Gone Wild - Ninth Installment

Wow, are you guys wondering if this trip will ever end?

Day #3 Afternoon

Well, Becky and I did something this afternoon that I have always wanted to do, but never have gotten up the nerve to do...Build-A-Bear (or a Moose to be more exact). My sister is good at inspiring me to take the initiative on these wild and crazy dreams of mine. We had visited the Great Lakes Bear Factory the day before and met the owners...a delightful couple getting ready to celebrate their 48th Wedding Anniversary. They recognized us when we came in this second time and catered to us quite a bit. It was loads of fun from start to finish. I made a Moose named Mackinaw (I know, I know, not original, but I like it) and Becky made an elephant named Charlie. We got to pick out their eyes (Mackinaw has green eyes), stuff them at the stuffing machine, and hug them to finish them off with love (we were not allowed to skip this step!) Then, Charlie and Mackinaw went through a Washing System (Spoiler Alert: There is really not water in there, it just looks like there is!!!!!) and then they were "dried" off and had their official Birth Certificate issued. How fun was that!!!!

The rain was pretty prolific this afternoon, so we continued with indoor activities. We stopped by a local Condominium Rental Establishment to try and get some information for future vacations for my family and then we decided that we should take at least a short jaunt over the bridge to the Upper Peninsula. It was late afternoon at this point so we didn't venture any further than St. Ignace, but it was fun to look around a little there. We again forgot about shops closing up early since it was still Pre-Season, so we didn't get to see as much we had hoped, but it was still fun.

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Danielle said...

If you and Daniel don't have specific plans for the 4th, how about we get together? I don't know what some of the Tuesday night crowd has planned, so I will be checking with them too. Just let me know.