Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Sisters Gone Wild - Eleventh Installment

Day #4

Good-Bye luscious cinnamon rolls
Good-Bye bathroom television
Good-Bye friendly Jamaican ladies
Good-Bye special Club Level elevator key swipe
Good-Bye nice young man at Devon's Delights
Good-Bye all you inviting stores
Good-Bye fudge and caramel corn and ice cream
Good-Bye seagulls, may you always be that happy
and the list goes on....

Day #4 Morning

Well, there was one more place left to visit. My dad's side of the family has been vacationing in the Mackinaw area every year since before he was born (back when dinosaurs roamed and cell phones weren't invented). About 10 miles outside of Mackinaw is a little city called Carp Lake with a lovely lake named Paradise Lake and that is where everyone always stays. I have many, many fond memories of this little town which was a big part of my childhood, but I do not go every year anymore. So, Becky and I wanted to make at least a quick drive by the old stomping grounds. Much to our delight, our keen eyes had noticed a Community Garage Sale poster earlier in the trip and that was our mission for the morning. Garage Saling in Carp Lake. It was fun - Becky was a great navigator - we got some wonderful deals (good things, Danielle, not junk!) - it was terribly, terribly cold (I mean arctic. It was a wonder we didn't lose any fingers to frostbite) - and it was still fun. We made a final bathroom stop at Goldie's Cafe (a relatively new addition to Carp Lake) and picked up a gigantic cinnamon roll for the road with the help of a very funny man that worked there.

Day #4 Homeward Bound

Traveling went well. We tried not to think too much that our trip was coming to an end. We lunched at Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Day #4 Homecoming

We drove into Becky's driveway in time to see the saddest picture open window with a sad little boy hugging Winnie the Pooh, laying his head on the ledge waiting for his Mamma :) Honestly he wasn't like that the whole time we were gone, he was just ready for Becky to be home at this point. There was a fun banner and balloons inside welcoming us home and there were many hugs and the like.


Rebecca said...

The last day makes me sad-- I want to go back!!! Thanks again for taking this wonderful trip together-- the first of many I hope!!
Love you,

Danielle said...

Glad you had such a fun and special trip and enjoy your time on the river barge.