Friday, June 30, 2006

Commercial Break

I know that I haven't finished all of my Sisterly Installments, but I am having to take a slight detour. It probably appeared that I had disappeared for the last week and I feel like I have too...I have been sick. On Saturday evening, 2 hours after my in-law's 50th Wedding Anniversary Open House, a nasty unfriendly no-good virus took over my body and it was awful!!!! I stayed in Indiana until Tuesday when my amazing husband was able to get me home and then I have been finishing recovering here. Yesterday seemed to be a turning point and I feel like I am well on the road to recovery, but I am finding that I need to be cautious as I am discovering I am definitely not at 100%. Incidentally, I have decided that being sick stinks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Melody said...

I am so sorry you have been sick!:(
I hope that you will be feeling better soon, we'll be praying for you! Oh yeah, I never really understood your blog and then I went back and actually read from the beginning about you and your sister's trip and it is awesome! Keep writing!

middle aged blogger said...

We have been gone a month and I am enjoying getting caught up - I thought maybe this was over and was pleased it wasn't!!! :)

I AM wondering though if you caught one of those "Internet viruses" those waitresses were obsessing about. Go back and read your eighth installment and it seems most suspicious.....

Hope you're better! Ma B