Thursday, June 22, 2006

Sisters Gone Wild - Eighth Installment

Day #3 Breakfast

Yummy cinnamon rolls of course!

Day #3 Morning Activities

Well, we started out this morning with a secret mission that I may disclose at a later time. Then, if you can believe it, there was more shopping to be done. The weather was rainy and those annoying teenagers were coming out of the woodwork, but we still managed to enjoy ourselves and the shops.

Day #3 Lunch

We decided on Anna's Country Buffet for lunch and we were the stars of the lunch hour, mostly because we were the only ones there. There was about a 4:1 ratio of waitstaff to customers so we got very personal attention. We got the feeling that this place was just not as "happening" as it was in the ol' days, but it added to the strange charm of it. There was even a little gift shop in the back and boy was it eerie. It had the "haunted" feeling and look of something that had been set up decades ago and had not been touched since, and I am really not kidding. I had the fleeting thought that I should just buy something to see if the waitresses even knew the gift shop was back there, but I couldn't bring myself to pay anything for those dusty and decrepit collectibles. While Becky was in the bathroom, the waitresses started a tirade on the internet and computers. One woman explained the virus conspiracy, stating that the computer manufacturers infected all of their computers with viruses prior to being sold so that the consumers would be forced to purchase the Virus Software in order to "get the internet". Ah, the things you learn...The food was so-so, the ambiance pretty hilarious, but laughing with my sister was the best.

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Rebecca said...

I can't remember the secret mission so I am hoping you will disclose it too :)