Sunday, March 05, 2006

Instant Gratification

I was on my way to my little local library yesterday and as I was driving, I was talking to God and pondering over what kind of day-to-day relationships I have . I thought about how I have a good surface level relationship with all of the librarians (pleasant chit-chat while checking out my never-ending string of movies) and I was wondering if this may be an opportunity to get to know them better. Then I started getting concerned about how to make that happen - - what I should say, how I should act, what I could do to make the relationship grow and then I was suddenly reminded that is what I am trying to avoid...not avoiding making the relationship grow, but avoiding worrying about how to do it. I do believe that I have read that my job is to rest and let God be God through me. Don't know if I said that exactly right, but it made sense in my head (as a little side note, you would be amazed at what other things make sense in my head!!!)

So, I head into the library to pick up a book that I had requested on identifying Noritake China. One of the librarians brought it to me and said "I hope you don't mind, but I read your book when I saw it." I asked if she was interested in china and she explained that she has been trying to identify different antique pieces of china, glass, etc. that she received from her mother-in-law, which is exactly what I have been trying to do with some pieces that I received from my Grandmother. She gave me a lot of helpful hints and asked if I had a couple of minutes for her to show me a few other books that she has been using. I did and learned more. So, we are going to keep each other updated on our progress and I left the library utterly amazed. That God...I just keep shaking my head and smiling.

Okay - - for any people that wander over here with China knowledge, I am trying to identify this piece. I have searched and searched and cannot seem to find this exact one. It appears to be "Tree in the Meadow" by Noritake manufactured after 1920. There were tons of different types of pieces produced and several different variations, but I have not been able to find out any information on this specific piece, even what its intended use is. Any answers out there?

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Danielle said...

I like the Noritake piece, don't know for sure if it's a spoon rest. You going to post again soon?