Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Acorn-Chapter 2: Bodily Functions

It is hard to imagine that such an adorable little kitten could be any trouble at all, but read on...
We quickly found out that apparently little Miss Acorn's digestive tract was entirely rotten. That kitten produced a stink that was worse than anything we have ever encountered. She would pass gas and it was a wonder our house didn't explode. It even frightened her. She would be walking or sleeping or sitting and then she would suddenly pass gas and jump straight up in the air, puff up and run out of the room. Daniel and I were close behind her. Thankfully, we were saved by a wise pet owner that suggested we switch her food to a higher quality brand. We did it immediately and everyone was much happier!!!

Acorn was such a beautiful and striking creature. I would look at her sitting all prim and proper in our dining room corner and think how adorable she was. She would look back at me and I knew she was thinking what a wonderful home we were providing or so I thought. Apparently, it was something more like "wow, it is so comfortable peeing on this soft dining room carpet" I eventually caught on and than began my new exercise routine. If she so much as looked at the dining room corner I would scoop her up, run to the litter box, put her inside and explain how all good kittens use the litter box for all of their elimination needs. She would thank me and agree to use the litter box....whenever she was in the neighborhood or in the mood or when the moon was full. I don't know. There was a lot of talking sternly, running to the litter box, and cleaning the dining room carpet, but somehow it all worked out and she now is an avid litter box user.

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Rebecca said...

Ah, the stink, I had nearly forgotten. Thankfully, the odor did not waft upstairs, or we would have quickly found out how comfortable your roof was :)
Love you (and you too Acorn)