Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Sabbath Hilarity


Well, I survived filling in for the Children's Pastor in 1st service. (Aside: can't wait to hear all of the news about your last few days Pastor D) There were 19 kids and we had a good time and no one was injured, but I am still aware that my talents do not lie in keeping control. Why do I struggle with that so much?? There were moments of learning, moments of chaos, and moments of fun. I like to dwell on those:

*One kid, I'll call him Justin, had a Jim Carey moment when he desperately wanted to get his brother, I'll call him Michael, in trouble, but every time he would try and tattle, the words would come out jumbled and actually say the opposite of what he wanted...."Michael won't stop not hitting me!", etc. We all thought it was hilarious and decided the Holy Spirit was forcing the truth out!!

*I made the mistake of stretching my arms out while I was giving some sort of example and the room grew silent. I saw looks of horror and shock (okay, I just really saw little kids blank faces, but that didn't create the right tone). I have exceedingly long arms, but it isn't that apparent until I stretch them out and I could tell that the kids noticed. I said something like "Oh, I have really long arms, don't I" One kid responded with "You look like an eagle" and then it got quiet as the youngest kid in the class, I'll call him Parker, reverently said "No, she looks like a praying mantis!" I couldn't help but smile and decided I would take it as a compliment.


The band played my favorite song!!!!!! I had to count offering (which let me state again, I LOVE doing!), so I was afraid that I would miss it, but we got through that offering like it was nobody's business and I was in there before the first chord began. I love that song!!! (and our band rocks). I am sure that everyone around us was shocked. Daniel and I would jump during the La La La La La part and then he would throw me up in the air on the Hey. We danced through the aisles and I jumped up on stage during the cool guitar part. Oh, wait a minute. None of that really happened. I guess that I got carried away. However, if you watched closely, you would have noticed that I had an extra bit of funk in my foot tapping and Daniel started a kind of rhythmic head bob, which is pretty much our version of Undignified. :)

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Danielle said...

I'm glad that natives didn't hold you hostage or any other unlovely act. Thank you so much for teaching... it meant a lot to me.

I had a nice time with you and your nephews at the park today! Thanks for lunch, too!