Wednesday, May 25, 2005

On Death

Daniel and I spent yesterday driving 3 hours to Indiana for a funeral and then driving back home. His "Aunt Helen" (Aunt by family friendship, not by blood) had passed away last week. It was a long day and I developed what i am thinking was a migraine at the beginning, but I am glad that we went. It was refreshing to be at a funeral and not feel sad. That may sound odd, but Aunt Helen was a devout Christian, had many, many serious physical ailments and was anxious to be with her husband that had passed away 2 years previous. I just did not feel sad. I felt happy for her and where she was. Is that odd? I didn't know what to say to the family, however. I don't really know the family and I find situations like that intimidating, so I think that didn't go so well. As a smiley little aside, Helen and Wimmer had 2 children - -twin daughters named Chloe Ann and Jo Anne and they are in their 50's and still look and dress exactly alike. Their funeral atire was black dresses with large daisies all over them. Smile.

It is always around these times that my mind starts to wander and I get concerned about the people who pass away who don't have a relationship with Christ or who you suspect don't. What do you say to the family then? I mean you can try and comfort, but you can't use the "they are in a better place", "you will see them again someday" (incidentally, although these are overused, I still find them a comfort as they are so true!), etc. etc. What do you say!! What does the minister say at the funeral? How do you handle that. What can you do? This is what makes me sad. This is what makes me hurt. I don't want anyone not to experience heaven...

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Danielle said...

I think it's beautiful that you found it in your spirit to feel joyful at Aunt Helen's home-going. I hope that's how people will feel at my funeral.

You're my favorite Jen Davison in the whole world. I'm glad God brought you into my life.

Barely interesting developments in the life experiment, by the way. :o)

See you at the wedding!