Friday, June 03, 2005

Psalm 2

Bear with me, I am trying to learn how to copy Scripture passages in with a minimal amount of trouble. I will catch on sooner or later.
Main Idea -ATJ (According to Jenny) People of authority on Earth should follow God and His teachings or beware...
Favorite word: fetters - something that confines (I fettered one of the kids on Sunday, but it was just with paper chains and he was allowed to break right through them at the appropriate time. Incidentally, the kids are really thinking. As soon as he did that, several kids in Unison gasped and said "What about second service!!!!" Ah, but the smart teachers were thinking and had more chains waiting.
What I am Supposed to Get Out of This Passage:
Unrelated information: I am very hungry and need to secure some lunch.

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Danielle said...

Does the nothingness after "What I am Supposed to Get out of This Passage" mean you got nothing? If so, you're not the only one that happens to, just FYI.