Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Miraculous Toilet Paper

God knows me so well. Daniel and I are headed out tomorrow for a mini vacation and I discovered that I needed to pick up a prescription at Meijer and toilet paper before we go. I haven't been feeling 100% and really didn't want to make the grocery store run, so I was thrilled when I got home from helping out at the church last night and Daniel said he had to run to Meijer! He picked up my prescription without any problems, but I totally forgot to mention toilet paper.

Could we make it one more day. Alas, the roll was disappearing quickly. Every time I would go use the bathroom, I would get annoyed because toilet paper was going to cause me to have to run to a store. It was obvious it just wasn't going to hold out, so I resolved that I would have to go buy some.

While cleaning up this morning, I opened the Spare Toilet Paper Drawer just to look in again in case God wanted to bless me with a Miraculous Roll of T.P. and wonder of wonders, there was one there!!!! I know I had looked before and the drawer was empty. I feel like the woman in the Bible whose oil and flour continued to be enough until she didn't need it anymore. I am ecstatic.

I am glad that God reminds us He knows how to take care of us individually. He could have had a sunflower just start blooming in the middle of my living room floor and it would not have thrilled me or awed me as much as my roll of Toilet Paper!!!!!!!!!

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