Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Family of Five Forever?

I know that I have been MIA lately, but things have been busy around our house. Remember those 3 children that we did our first Foster Care Respite for? Well, we have had the opportunity to provide Respite for them several more times and we have started the process to try and adopt them!!!!! There have been a bunch of circumstances leading up to this, but we feel that it is all of God's leading and we are moving forward. The oldest girl is the one I referred to as Little Pixie and she is 10 years old. The middle child is also a girl and she is 7 and the youngest is a 6 year old boy. We have all gotten quite attached to one another, but there are a lot of hurdles still to get over. They are currently in a wonderful Foster Home, but they can just not adopt them (they already have 11 children!!!!). So, as of right now, the kids are coming to our house each weekend while we work out all of the details. We were able to tell the kids our intentions this past weekend (their caseworkers and everyone involved thought that it would be good for them to know) and it went exceedingly well. They seem to be very pleased with this idea, which makes us feel great...and petrified. How in the world do we become parents to 3 little children???

Little Pixie informed us this weekend that being a Mom and Dad was easy...all we have to do is feed them, bathe them, and put them to bed. Oh, and if they get invitations to Birthday Parties, we have to decide if they get to go or not.

Do you really think that is all there is to it, or is she pulling my leg?


AEGN said...

Wow, Jenny, this is so wonderful! You and your husband are such loving people to open your home to 3 children. Do you think it will be a smooth transition for the kids??

AEGN said...

Oh and yes, she is pulling your leg :)

Rebecca said...

We are so excited to have Little Pixie and her brother and sister as a part of our family. You already are a terrific Mom and I know everything is going to work out wonderfully.
Love you!

Mary said...

Wow, Jenny! I'm so happy for you!

Anonymous said...

That is GREAT! You and Daniel will be super parents and I think of you often. I'll be in touch soon.