Monday, December 01, 2008

Week in Review

Well the last few days are already starting to fade from my memory banks, so I better document quickly.

* I almost got caught up around the house, but then I didn't and now I am way behind once again.
* We had a low key Thanksgiving in Indiana with the in-laws
* Had our first Christmas celebration the day after Thanksgiving (Daniel's extended family in Indiana). Went well.
* We respited (not a real word, but I am claiming it) again on Saturday and Sunday. We had a 10 year old girl who I will call Little Pixie. She decorated our house for Christmas and it has never looked so "full" of Christmas before.
* We became proud Wii owners. Ordered the Wii, received the Wii, Daniel hooked up the Wii, Daniel went to get a snack, we both came back into the living room just in time to see Roscoe (the orange cat) running away from the cord that goes to the Sensor - the cord was chewed in half!!! We were not thrilled. Daniel became educated online and we were able to use 2 lit candles in place of the Sensor Bar temporarily (amazing isn't it?) and then we invested in a Wireless Sensor Bar. It is tons of fun.

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Rebecca said...

COngratulations on your Wii!!!