Sunday, October 26, 2008

Unfortunate Update

Well, we got the call on Friday afternoon telling us that the County decided to place the children with the other family that they interviewed on Thursday. I have been careful to tell people that the children being placed with us was not set in stone, but up until last week, it sure looked like they were going to be. Daniel and I (and our Foster Care Director) are disappointed, sad, and a bit confused on why this happened, but we do truly believe that God's Hand is in all of this and for some reason or another this was not the path that we were supposed to take. It doesn't, however, erase all of the human thoughts that trickle into my mind, like:
  • Why did they share so much about the children with us, including pictures, and make it look so promising and get us emotionally attached if it was going to turn out this way?
  • Are we so bad that the County had to go out searching for someone else so the children wouldn't be placed with us?
  • What if I don't like the plan that God has for us?
But even when I think these thoughts, I already know the ultimate answer. God has every body's best interests at heart and if this is His plan than it would be pointless to second guess it. He knows a bazillion times more than I do.

So, I am sad right now and am thinking about the kids a lot, but not overcome and we still have about a week's worth of things to do to finish our licensing, so we need to keep on that. I am honestly a little apprehensive about why we are getting licensed so quickly if these children were not meant to be placed with us, but again, not overcome.

On a lighter note:
Have you ever gone to use the bathroom and noticed that there was only a tad bit of toilet paper left and seriously considered for a moment waiting to use the bathroom or using a different bathroom in your house so you don't have to be the one to change the roll? Just asking....


Rebecca said...

Look at your fancy new Blog-- its so pretty!
I have all those same questions and am hurting for you and Daniel. I know that time will reveal who is meant to be a part of your family and we are so excited to see God's blessings!!!!
Love you!

Rebecca said...

Me again-- I wanted to see your pretty new BLOG again :) Still praying for you and future kiddos!