Friday, October 31, 2008

A Big Thank You

A big Thank You to Shera at A Frog in My Soup for my new blog design. I was a winner of a contest that she had and I couldn't be more excited. You cannot tell by how infrequently that I post, but I do really enjoy blogging and having such a pretty design now makes it that much more fun!!! Let me know what you think of the new look and don't forget you can subscribe to my blog by entering your email address in the left hand column to receive an email whenever I update this site.

If you want to see more of Shera's Blog Designs, you can check them out here or you can head over to Sweet N Simple Design to see all the other design work that she does. If you would rather read some reviews and even enter a giveaway yourself, you can also find Shera at Froggy Reviews. She sounds like one busy lady (did I mention that she has 6 boys, including a set of 2 year old twins???). Check out A Frog In My Soup to see how she does it.

Brief Foster Care Update:

We completed our last class on Wednesday night. Our Medical forms are turned in and we passed our Fire Inspection yesterday morning. The only thing left to do to become licensed is finish some of the safety changes we are making around the house. I am really hoping that we can get them all done this weekend and be able to have the Safety Inspection completed at the beginning of the week. I have spent the evening going through all our cleaning supplies and medicines and getting them organized and stored away from little hands. It was quite exhausting, but in a good way. Incidentally, does anyone need any Glass Cleaner. It appears that I have close to a dozen new bottles of it. The good thing is I didn't waste any money on any of them, they were all free with coupons :)

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