Thursday, July 10, 2008

What I Brought Back from my In-Laws House

This will be a re-occuring column each time we visit the in-laws. I always come home with a fascinating array of "Stuff" that my mother-in-law has waiting for me. I am trying to de-clutter my house, so I am always hoping that whatever I take home is disposable or has a specific place or purpose to go to. Here is what came home with us this time:

Coupons! - I never refuse coupons. Ever since we've been married, my mother-in-law has saved me the coupons that come in her Sunday newspaper and any others that she stumbles on. I love coupons and am always glad to get whatever she has collected for me. *****Five Stars for coupons.

Food - When we are packing up to go, it is inevitable that my mother-in-law will start rummaging through the fridge trying to get anything into our cooler that she can. I think that it is sweet and usually it keeps me from having to cook for the next few days. This visit we returned with:
  • 2 Ears of Cooked Corn
  • BBQ Spare Ribs
  • Roast Beef
  • Cheesy Potatoes
  • Package of Turkey Lunch meat
  • Custard topping
  • Leftover Papa Johns pizza
  • Leftover Papa John's bread sticks
  • A lovingly packed Ziploc with the Papa Johns dipping sauces and the jalapeno pepper that they put in the pizza box!

Beauty Supplies: A decorative bag of Neutragena Sunblock and Sunless Tanner and Body Wash. I thought maybe she was trying to tell me that I was looking a little too pale, but in fact she was just rummaging through her bathroom cupboards and found it. Knowing how often those bathroom cupboards get cleaned out, I decided to check the expiration dates and alas it was 2003. So, those became disposable as soon as we got home.

A Large Bag of Paperwork and Files - Things that were unearthed in the office that were from my husband's childhood and schooling. This was not my favorite thing to take, but it did make me feel good to know that I would be helping clear out their office, so they came home with me. I am still sorting through them and looking forward to the day to have them properly distributed.

A Box of Books - Much to my husband's dismay, we have become the middlemen in a thriving Book Exchange between my mother and my mother-in-law. They both love to read and when they found out about that years ago, my mother offered to loan my mother-in-law some books. My mom is a church librarian and has access to lots of books. So, we took some books to my mother-in-law, and on our next trip she gave back what she was finished with and we returned them to my mom next time we saw her and so on and so on. This thriving enterprise has grown to boxes of books now so each visit to our families we are either delivering a box of books or returning a box of books. I think it is sweet. My husband thinks it is silly.

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middle aged blogger said...

I think this is the final step in becoming an official "Davis" as when we receive our husband's childhood records it means he really and truly belongs to you!

How fun - you're the bookmobile!