Sunday, October 07, 2007

Don't Let This Happen To You!

As a public service announcement to the part of the population that wears dresses, please be careful to pay attention when you are putting them on over your head. There is a slight chance that you could accidentally put your head through an armhole and wind up in an unfortunate situation. It is probably obvious that I am speaking from experience, but I am pleased to report that this incident had a quick and happy ending. Now, in re-reading the above sentences, I am getting a very comical picture in my head and I realize that I didn't mention that this dress was a tank dress and did not have sleeves. Nonetheless, I was still stuck and it was still comical and I still needed to get my husband and explain that I was in a bit of a pickle. No explanation was really necessary, the visual said it all. So, he patiently rescued me and I am here to tell about it.
When I thanked him, I said
"What would I have done if you weren't here?"
and he evenly replied
"You would have been this way when I got home and there probably wouldn't have been any dinner ready!"

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Melody said...

TOO CUTE!!! How are you and Dan doing? I miss you both! Where do you guys go to church?