Saturday, March 17, 2007

#3 Drinks

Now, neither my husband or I drink, for many reasons (one being we are far too cheap) so we didn't partake in this particular perk, but let me just say that the amount of alcohol served on the cruise was amazing. You had to pay extra for any drink (including soda), which made how many drinks were consumed even more fascinating.

There were a plethora of bars on the ship and in addition, drinks were offered at every show, event, and port. You never had to search anyone out to prepare one for you - -the waiters, bartenders, and wandering drink givers seemed to appear out of thin air.

It is probably not surprising that the pool area seemed to have all of the above times 10. There were drinks on the way to the pool, drinks around the pool, drinks in the pool (I saw one girl accidentally dunk her drink under the water...), drinks when thinking about going to the pool...

With the above information, it is equally fascinating that I only saw one person that was actually drunk (that I know of) and I felt sorry for him. He obviously wasn't at his best and thankfully he had someone with him as he was out on deck and I didn't want him to accidentally take a wrong turn into the ocean.

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middle aged blogger said...

Sorry I haven't commented. I HAVE enjoyed these vacation posts. You ought to get a job with the travel channel and do this for a living!


MA B - still waiting for the grandbaby!