Saturday, March 24, 2007

#2 Crew

I believe that the statistics for this ship were:

3500 Passengers
1500 Crew

There were crew everywhere and everyone that we encountered were exceptionally nice. It felt extremely genuine and it made it hard for me to believe that they do this week in and week out. I was told that most of the crew were on board for 6 months at a time and then had a 2 month vacation. As with almost everything in life, I became very curious and wanted to know more about Crew life on board and Crew life at home.

Our Stateroom attendant was Henry Smith and he was as attentive and pleasant as could be. You already saw his wonderful towel animals that he left each evening and our room was always kept in perfect order. We would run into him in the hall quite often and it was always very pleasant to chat with him.

Our waiter's name was Jafar and he was from Tunisia. He was excellent. I cannot imagine a better waiter. I know that this sounds silly, but he made you feel like royalty. I almost started feeling guilty having such amazing service.

Our assistant waiter was from Trinidad and her name was Ishyta. She was just as pleasant and very pretty.

Tipping was recommended and encouraged at the end of your cruise for the above people and we tipped what the Cruise Line suggested (since we didn't have any previous knowledge to know what to do), but I wish that we could have tipped them 10 times that much.


Rebecca said...

It just sounds more and more like the best option for our next sister's trip!!! (I know we need to win the lottery first :)
So glad you had such a nice time!!!!

Melody said...

I wish I could go on a cruise!