Friday, October 20, 2006

Random Act of Blogging

I am really getting tired of not blogging, but the time doesn't seem to be there lately. However, I decided I could post little random comments until I have time for some more true posts!

Peanut Butter M & M's are delicious!!! Not peanut M & M's, but the peanut butter ones. They are something that I definitely have trouble stopping eating.

Has anyone here ever been hypnotized? Does it really work? It always fascinates me when I see something on TV and the people really seem to be effected, but I can't help but feel skeptical. It came to mind because I saw it on the Ellen show the other day. Incidentally, Ellen DeGeneres is hilarious. She has the kind of humor that always makes me smile.

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Melody said...

Yes hypnotism is real. Actually all of the Christian material that I have read on it has all said that it is occult. letting someone else have control over your mind and "suggest" things to you is never a good idea. My sister has a CD on it, but she lent it to her neighbor when her neighbor's done she said I can lend them to you.