Friday, August 18, 2006

Psalm 29

I love this Psalm. It is so full of wonderful word pictures and praise to God. I love that David gives such amazing and powerful representations of God and His Power and gets the reader all riled (how do you spell that??) up and then finishes with "The Lord blesses his people with peace." It is like he can't quite get it all out quick enough and then he takes a breath and finishes with peace.

Favorite Version: New Century overall, but I love the word picture in the King James version that says "the voice of the Lord, divideth the flames of fire!" Amazing

My favorite verse: Verse 3

"The Lord's voice is heard over the sea.
The glorious God thunders;
the Lord thunders over the ocean."

I love it when God's voice thunders and incidentally when He whispers too as I think that they both are equally powerful and intimate at the same time.


Melody said...

Jen: Everytime I read one of your comments I feel so loved. Thank you for caring enough to write me and tell me that you are there and praying. I love you.

Melody said...

I don't mind if you post it. Thats fine. Tell Daniel I said hi! Love you guys!