Thursday, August 24, 2006

Back To School

Frankly, I am a bit tired of going back to school...literally. You know how some people have recurring dreams of falling or being chased or something equally disturbing? Well, I have a recurring dream of going back to school. A few times a month I go off to what I hope is peaceful slumber and instead find myself once again roaming the halls of school trying to find my class. It is exhausting and frustrating and I rarely have any fun (come to think about it, it kind of sounds like my real life school experience!)

Differences in My Dreams:

The school is always in some different environment. Once the school was in an airport with a lovely dessert buffet (guess who probably went to sleep hungry!). Once it was in a hospital where I continued to take time out to help people. Once it was on a train, and my personal favorite....once it was in a gigantic shopping mall. The thrill I had when I realized I could shop between classes. Alas, I never found my class, so I never really got to shop.

The class that I am looking for is always different and the people that I encounter are always different.

Similarities in My Dreams:

I am always looking for a class that I never entirely find and believe me I spend oodles of time looking for it.

I am always carrying around 100 pounds of books because I can't find my locker to drop them off in.

And speaking of my locker, I can never remember where it is or the combination to my lock and that frustrates me almost more than anything as my "dream self" recognizes that this is a dream and actually gets annoyed that I cannot remember my locker location from one dream to the next. I actually get upset with myself that I have to go to the office AGAIN and get my locker assignment when I have this dream so regularly and you would think that I could at least remember this one detail. What fun!

To all my teacher friends (and I am realizing that I have quite a few friends in the field of Education), I hope that the start of your school year has gone well. The children are blessed to have such caring people guiding them.

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Melody said...

I am thanking God that I never dream about school anymore. Instead, I dream about Wal-Mart! Maybe I should start writing some of those dreams down!!