Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Sisters Gone Wild - Second Installment

The Pick-Up
Since my nephews tend to get upset when my sister leaves for anything, she did not want them to see her exit with suitcase in hand, so she had a plan. She got everything packed the night before and put her suitcase in the garage. I called her when I was just about 5 minutes away and she said her normal good-byes and nonchalantly exited to the garage. I turned down their dirt road, hugged the right side which is out of the view of their windows, gave the car a little gas, turned off the engine and coasted down to their pole barn, pulling in again hugging the right side. My sister was on look-out and dashed out the side garage door, threw her suitcases in the trunk and jumped in the Passenger Side yelling "GO, GO, GO". I threw it into reverse, put the pedal to the metal, and left a trail of dust behind us. Honestly, my sister probably could have pulled that off, but I am a bit too slow and un-coordinated and it would have resulted into me backing into the ditch, so it wasn't quite as dramatic as that, but we did try and make it as clandestine as possible and the majority of the above is true.

The Drive
We had the sun, the open road and a straight shot to Mackinaw. How exciting is that. We stopped at a quaint little restaurant for lunch (Wendy's) and then at the infamous Clare, MI Rest Area - - known for its lovely architecture and plethora of tourist brochures and pamphlets. We collected everything we thought we could possibly need and got some additional things for our husbands, who we were sure would be highly appreciative. What husband doesn't want a tourist brochure on the Apple Groves of Michigan, or Scenic Drives and You.

The Arrival
I learned something about myself as we approached Mackinaw. My sister and other family members continually remind me that I was afraid of bridges (which would only mean the Mackinaw Bridge, since we never traveled over any other bridge that I can think of ) when I was young. I do not have any recollection of that and am not afraid of bridges now, so it seems silly. However, as we approached our exit, there was a sign that said "Last Exit Before Bridge" and I felt an instant panic. It was quick and it was over quick and I suddenly remembered the childish fear...however, it wasn't a fear of the bridge, it was a fear of accidentally getting on the bridge. I remember it entirely. I was always afraid we would miss our exit and get on the bridge by accident. Isn't that insane!!!


middle aged blogger said...

Great - I like this, a new chapter every day.

So you say most of the above is true...but I do love your creative liberties!!! :)

Love, MA B

Danielle said...

The title of your adventure--Sisters Gone Wild--is curious to me. I hope by chance we won't see infomercials late at night of you two sisters baring more than your souls. Ahem.

Jennifer said...

Don't worry, no infomercials out there. I kept trying to use a different title, but that one just wouldn't go away

Rebecca said...

I actually considered meeting you at the corner so the boys wouldn't see you, but thought the neighbors might come to some strange conclusions if they saw me hightailing it down the street with my suitcase and a huge smile on my face as I sang "I'm free, I'm free!" :)