Sunday, May 21, 2006

Sisters Gone Wild - First Installment

Well, our first Sister's Getaway has come and gone, but I thought that I should document it for posterity and anyone that might be interested in reading about it. I plan to be long-winded, so I will probably be making several posts:

The Departure:

Background Info: We took the big leap and got our good ol' Taurus detailed the day before the trip. I have never done such a thing and it was very exciting. (Incidentally, it was not until this past year when my good friend, Danielle got her car detailed that I found out what detailing was. I thought that Auto Detailing was painting fancy words or designs on the outside of your car and so I was really curious what her car was going to look like when she had it done.). Our car looked beautiful when we picked it up Monday night, but everything was still a little wet, so we left the trunk open overnight to air it out.

I was supposed to leave at 8:00 a.m. to head to MI to pick up my sister and you can probably guess that the car battery was dead. I wasn't clever enough to notice that the dome light was on and had been since it had been cleaned. My sister pointed that out a few miles into our trip. Oh well, it was a learning experience. (Dr. Phil had a Newlywed Challenge reality type episode a few months ago where newlyweds that weren't communicating very well did a series of challenges for prizes. One of them was for the women to change a tire on a car with only verbal guidance by their husbands through headphones. The guys could not even see what the women were doing. Although we are not newlyweds, I thought that Daniel and I would so kick butt on those challenges and I was so right). I called Daniel at work, put on my trusty headset and he expertly talked me through using the jumper cables and getting the Taurus up and running (thankfully we have an extra car in the garage right now that made that possible). I closed my eyes when I was clipping the last red cable and when I started the car. I figured explosions or electrocutions would not be a good start to the trip, so I was praying that all would go well and lo and behold it all worked! I was so freaking proud of myself (even though Daniel really should get the credit)

So, I was a 1/2 hour late, but the car and I were both in one piece and we were on our way. I jammed to my Book on Tape on my way to my sister's and the beginning of our adventure.


middle aged blogger said...

I hope we can count on chapter two arriving somewhat sooner that it took to get the second chapter about your kitty!

Love, MA B

Danielle said...

I too thought auto detailing was the fancy words and pin stripes, etc. until I was in college. My friend from Barbados got her car detailed and that's when I found out what it was. In Barbados it's a very big thing to have your car spotless all the time. Men spend a great deal of time on their cars there, much more so than here.

Rebecca said...

Thank you so much Jen, for documenting our wonderful trip.
(on a sidenote, I had woken up at 5am on our departure day, and was too excited to go back to sleep-- and when you called me, I thought you had to be joking about the car battery especially since I had been ready for 2 hours and a half hour late seemed like an eternity. But I quickly got over it realizing that I would be traveling with my sister, now a mechanic, and that might come in handy!)