Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Sisters Gone Wild - Fifth Installment

Day #2

The weather prediction for this little vacation was pretty bleak. It was supposed to be cold and rainy for the duration of our stay, but I am pleased to report that the sun surprised us by staying out for Day #1 and part of Day #2. We did decide not to tackle the island, which was probably a wise choice since it is always colder and windier there.

Morning Shopping

After our delicious Continental Breakfast, we started our shopping marathon. Although we were out of shape and out of practice, I feel that we did rather well. It was great fun to be with my sister just having fun and being silly. She was very proud of me as I took a big step and actually purchased things. Most of the time, I am all talk and little buy, but I got inspired. I am even wearing my Mackinaw sweatshirt/jacket as I type this (Sara D - wait till you see the cute little flip flop necklace I now have).

Shop Keepers

As I mentioned before, most of the shop owners were very friendly and chatty and it was interesting being so social with everyone...until one particular store, when things just got strange. We were the only customers in the store and the owner was a middle aged man who was giving us different ideas on things we could do when the weather turned rainy. I asked if he lived in Mackinaw year round or was just there seasonally. He responded that he was a year long resident and as my sister had her hand on the door to leave, I felt that I would end it with a pretty common rhetorical question, "Do you enjoy living here?" Much to my surprise, he said that he hated it. He then began a long and shocking tirade on how terrible Mackinaw locals are and how it's the worst place that he has ever been, etc, etc. Becky had the wise idea to flee and she was trying to telepathically get me to head to the door, but my feet were rooted to the spot. I couldn't move. I kept thinking, hasn't anyone ever told this man that he could move! I felt that I must let him know that he had options. I did manage to make the suggestion of taking up residence someplace else, but he explained that he had a girlfriend there with children in school. He finished as Becky was dragging me out the door by saying he didn't care a "rat's pa-toot-ey" about what the locals thought, and might I add that he didn't say pa-toot-ey, it was a much smaller and precise word that I can't bring myself to type!

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middle aged blogger said...

Maybe he needed to rant...too bad though on your vacation to have to listen, but it must be what he needed!

:) MA B