Thursday, June 08, 2006

Sisters Gone Wild - Sixth Installment

Day #2 Lunch

Our leftover pizza & breadsticks were sounding pretty good, so we decided to share a leisurely lunch in our hotel room. The one hurdle being finding plates and utensils. I was dismayed to remember that my Emergency Paper Goods Supply that I carry with me on trips did not include plates (what was I thinking?), but I had the utensils covered. My sneaky and ingenious sister suggested we borrow a couple of plates from the breakfast area--even though breakfast wasn't being served! She is a wild one. She made the grab while I provided cover and then we were off to the safety of our room. It was a delicious and relaxing lunch.

Awkward Moment

I am not absolutely positive when this happened, so it may be a bit out of chronological order. Because of the cold and rainy weather, we did not spend much time on the beach, but we did take a quick walk through one of the lake-front parks to look at Mackinaw Bridge and Lake Michigan. We had to stay on the sidewalk because the lawn area was just one big mud pit. For those that have visited this area, you are probably aware that sea gulls are prevalent and loud, but part of the whole ambiance (Word to the Wise - don't feed the sea gulls unless you are okay with a whole pack of them descending on you and demanding anything else edible or close to edible that you may have).
While we were strolling, we heard a squawking sea gull and I teased Becky saying that he was laughing at her. We continued to chat as we walked towards the sea gull who was on the sidewalk and not getting any quieter. Suddenly, when we were far too close, we both realized that this wasn't just a loud seagull, it was a loud seagull with a special female friend engaging in some behavior that we really didn't want to see. We couldn't turn back, we couldn't move past them, we tried to shield our eyes and our sensitivities, but it was so shocking and did I mention loud! We cleared our throats, we turned our heads, we almost collapsed in girlish giggles, but we ended up just having to wait it out. Finally, Mr. and Mrs. Seagull went their separate ways and Becky and I were able to pass. Oh, will those images never leave us??

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middle aged blogger said...

Unbelievable the things that happen to you! and crack me up to boot! I do love to read your blog!

Love MAB