Monday, December 19, 2005


Jenny is a little under the weather today, so I have been put in charge. The sheet folding has gone relatively well this time and now I am off to discipline Roscoe and make some breakfast. I think that tuna sandwiches are in order. I will post again soon,


Danielle said...

Well Acorn, my affection for Jen does not extend to you, but I hope you are doing your best to keep that rascally Roscoe out of trouble so Jen can get rest.

If you think of it, tell Jen I worked on my checkbook this morning. Still my least favorite thing to do, but at least I know my boundaries. Off for an unexpected day of Christmas shopping.

Gary Browne said...

Saw your man doing some shopping for you this evening. The boys had to tell him out our sheep!! BAA BAA...

middle aged blogger said...

Acorn I hope you have Jen back to her normal spriit filled self quite soon.

Merry Christmas to you, Roscoe and your delightful owners!

MA BLogger

sozodeb said...

I am glad to see your folding skills have improved. I was thinking of getting you an iron for christmas but it looks like pratcing "fire safety" at your home might just keep your laundry looking fresh...."stop, drop, and roll." hee hee.
Tell the grown-ups I dropped by to read the blogs.
Have a great Christmas.