Monday, November 21, 2005


In honor of the coming holiday, I thought that I would take this week to list some things that I am thankful for. I am just awed by how much God blesses me.

Corrected Vision - I think about this almost every day. If glasses had not been invented, my life would be hugely different. My vision has improved over the last few years and I am still at -6.00 in each eye. When I don't have my contacts in or glasses on, I cannot even see the big E on the wall at the Ophthalmologist's office. (It always used to frustrate me when I was at an Eye Appt and the nurse would have my contacts out and glasses off and then start to go to another room and say "follow me" or "you can step into the bathroom and wash your hands" or my favorite "meet me in such and such a room". I never overcame my shyness at that point, but I wanted to yell, "Hello, I am a bit blind here. I can't see you, can't follow you, may even walk out into traffic if the door is open!!" You'd think that they would think about that...) The Dr. once told me that my vision without correction falls into the "legally blind" parameters. How scary is that? And just as an added blessing, God has created awesome people that have invented lovely little soft round pieces of magic that I can put directly on my eyeballs and see wonderfully without having to wear glasses all of the time. Amazing!

Ziploc bags and Boneless, Skinless Chicken - These are two things that I used to dream about growing up. Very, very occasionally we would have these 2 items at our house and when we did, I would think "Ahh, to have these on hand regularly, would be heaven" I don't think that I every specifically prayed for Ziploc bags and boneless, skinless, chicken, but I noticed early on into our marriage that we were financially able to have these luxuries and I thank God for them often. I even have all different sizes of Ziplocs now and occasionally ones with cute little designs on them. How blessed can a person be!!

Thank you God.


Windfall Woman said...

Jennifer, I too am blind as a bat. I wonder what I would have done in the pioneer days? Would they have thought I was blind? It's scary. Happy Thanksgiving!

mreddie said...

The vision thing is something I can relate to just a bit, but my problems are mostly those that come with age.

Also grateful for the ziplocs, that's what I store and freeze my garden produce and blueberries in - and am I ever grateful for blueberries!

I'm right there with you on the boneless-skinless as well, we usually get it on sale and freeze it for later use.

A voice from my past once said "gratitude is riches and complaint is poverty . ." and considering that I am wealthy.

Thanks for the post and reminders. ec

middle aged blogger said...

I had no idea your vision was that bad! Praise God for doctors...

I, personally, am also thankful for forced air heating systems. Our last house had radiant electric baseboard heat and it didn't come close to the comfort of this!

Thanks for your comments on my hair!

Did you know that walmart has even cheaper generic ziplock style bags?... :)

Enjoy thanksgiving - Love MA Blogger

Deb said...

I stand amazed at you. I must say that I have never really gotten to know you. I apologize for that.
The Jen I know and that Jen that blogs on this page are not the same.
I love reading your posts. Thanks for sharing what I have taken for granted Sunday after Sunday....the caring family that glorifies God.

I was comfortable knowing the Jen that I passed once a week. You are a precious jewel that has much talent and many gifts.
Today I am thankful for the opportunity of sharing in your thoughts.