Thursday, November 10, 2005

Dangerous Woman

I have never really considered myself to be a dangerous woman (besides when I am behind the wheel after dark or someone tries to steal my ice cream) and I never really thought that I would want to be a dangerous woman (although it does sound a mite bit fun!), but I might be changing my mind.

I just finished reading the book Nice Girls Don't Change the World loaned to me by my sister who got it from her husband who purchased it for her at a conference who got it from the Publisher who got it from Lynne Hybels who got it from God.

This is a very short book that basically details Lynne's spiritual life and how she was always a "nice girl" and felt that she always had to sacrifice herself to meet other's needs and do a lot of "Christian " things to earn God's love and how she eventually came to the realization that this was not God at all and not at all what He wanted her to be. Some of the book reminded me of myself, and thankfully some of it didn't too.

My favorite Quotes:

If year after year our lives are consumed with activities we'’ve been neither gifted nor impassioned to do, and we never have a chance to slide into the sweet spot of giving out of our true self, we pay a higher price in ministry than God is asking us to pay. And the saddest thing is, when we allow this to happen, nobody wins.

I have been involved in both sides of the spectrum on this. How amazing it was realize (only as an adult basically) that ministry can actually be fun! Not that I was always miserable, but I tend to fall into the thinking that if something is fun or enjoyable, it probably isn't what I should be doing. That sounds sadder than I meant for it too, but I know what I mean.

Then I came face to face with the realization that disappointing people is the greatest fear of the nice girl.

I was embarrassed to realize that minus tornadoes, disappointing people is probably one of my biggest fears. That probably isn't healthy...

And now onto Lynne's definition of a dangerous woman.

  • A woman who acknowledges her power to change, and grow, and be radically alive for God
  • A healer of wounds and a righter of wrongs
  • A woman who weeps with those who weep, and speaks for those who cannot speak for themselves
  • A woman who cherishes children, embraces the elderly, and empowers the poor
  • A woman who prays deeply and teaches wisely
  • A woman who sing songs of joy and talks down fear
  • A woman who never hesitates to let passion push her, conviction compel her, and righteous anger energize her
  • A woman who strikes fear into all that is unjust and evil in the world
  • A woman who dismantles abusive systems and silences lies with the truth
  • A woman who overflows with goodness in the name of God and by the power of Jesus. And in that name, and by that power can change the world

Ok, I'd like to be her!!

P.S. Thanks Becky, I will return your book next week.


middle aged blogger said...

We are very socialized in our country to believe that "nice girls" is what we should all be. It is possible to be passionate about what we believe and kind at the same time. This sounds like a great book!

Some of the reading I have done about the problem of (female) bullying in older grade school girls is that it is related to the socialization to be "nice." Girls don't believe it is nice to talk with another girl when they are upset - because they have been taught in some one not to be "confrontational" ...and so talk ABOUT the other girl - and usually make their problems worse! This has been found to be a particular problem among young white girls in America.

I'm glad you shared this! Thanks, love - MA Blogger

Rebecca said...

Hi Jen-- I am glad you were able to read the book and got some good out of it. Reading what you wrote, I realize I need to read it again too-- I just don't retain much these days! Thank you for sharing. Onward dangerous woman, onward!


The Hungry Writer said...

I agree with the books premise for the most part. The problem with most christians, is they do not know how to be bold, to, in effect, understadn that all of our worth lies not in ourselves but in Him. Since I've realized this, I've become more capable, confident, and quite honestly and ass kicker for Him. good luck. Nice post, very honest.

mreddie said...

God desires for us to be warriors, whether we are woman, child or even man. It sounds like you are fighting the "good fight". Onward and upward!

I found your site through a link from another, hope you don't mind the comment. ec