Monday, October 17, 2005

What Not

I came across this story the other day and I thought that I would share. I am not remembering it exactly, but the point should still be there:
Once upon a time there was this man who had a cow whom he dearly loved. He kept his cow tied a little ways from his house since that is where the best grass for grazing was. Every day, the man took a bucketfuls of water out to his cow so the cow would not get thirsty. Soon, a drought came over the land and all of the grass turned brown and plants died and everything looked unlovely except for a beautiful path leading from this man's house out to his cow. It was filled with lush green grass and all sorts of beautiful flowers. It was puzzling at first, until the people realized that in each trek out to water his cow, the water was sloshing a little bit out of the man's pail and therefore this path of land got a good watering. This path came to be known as the Overflow Path and reminded everyone that you will never know what kind of beautiful overflow simple acts of kindness will produce. I love it and just as a little addition, I think that you should always skip and sing tra la la la la when you water your cow.

There is a current country song out that I can't remember the name of , I don't particularly like, and I don't know who sings...however, I heard one line of truth that has made me smile:
If you want to hear God laugh, tell Him your plans!

When I was watching my 4 year old nephew last week, he started playing with my hair. He was standing behind me and it kind of felt like he was searching for something. I asked him what he was looking for and his response was "Jesus". I whipped around and looked at him. I had one of those deluge of thoughts that really only takes a moment to go through. Did Jonathan see Jesus, did He go in my hair, why did He go in my hair, I want to see Him too, wait, He should be in all of me, is He? Oh, I hope so. Do my nephews see Jesus in me? Please, let that be so.
(In all fairness, my sister suggested that Jonathan could have been saying Cheez Its and not Jesus - I feel a poem coming on, especially since later on he started rummaging through my hair in search of fruit snacks and bread...oh and then he told me he found a cricket in there, but he failed to produce it. Ahh, what fun!)

So - -
Love a Bovine, Follow God's Plans, and Keep Your Hair Clean!


Rebecca said...

You are just so witty my sister. I also remember hearing that line from a country song too. So true.
I think your nephews aren't the only ones to see Jesus in you too, I know I do!
Love you!

middle aged blogger said...

How I love your blog!!! Love, MA Blogger