Monday, October 03, 2005


When I was little, I used to day-dream about a computer/machine that I invented. It was powered by God and it allowed me to ask Him one question a day that He would answer for me. Even at a young age, I realized how greedy a person can get as I soon realized that one question just wouldn't be enough. I mean even though it was 365 questions a year, I started thinking about all of the questions that I would ask and I didn't want to be selfish so I started thinking about all of the questions that I would want answered for those that I cared about. Then I started wondering how I would decide what question to ask each day and then certainly the general public would get involved once they got a hold of news about this machine, so the whole thing became very complicated and I didn't pursue it much further. However, I was thinking about it this weekend with all of the questions rattling around in my head. I thought that if I spewed them out here, my headache might go away!!

*Should we adopt? When should we adopt? Who should we adopt? Where should we adopt?
*Why do my nephews get sick all of the time and why does my sister have to endure so much?
*What is going to be our future with B.G. Nazarene?
*Why isn't Acorn's belly hair filling in?
*Why is it so annoying to me when Minister's say the word "Amen" as a question?
*What do you get when you cross a squirrel and a tote bag?? - - Answer: My sister's new purse!!! :) I am just teasing you Becky. It is a lovely purse, but I couldn't resist!
*Why does my head always have so many questions swirling around in it?
*Where should Daniel and I go on vacation? When should we go on vacation? Will we ever actually go on vacation?
*Why doesn't my brother have a job yet? Is there something that he should be doing that he isnt'? Is there anything that I could do to help?
*When should I stop this list? Now, I guess. It could go on forever, but it is not getting my list of chores done.

Until later...

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middle aged blogger said...

I bet you could go to New Orleans and adopt might have to wait, but you might even find siblings.

I'm praying your future is at BG Naz doing the incredible good things you are doing. J said the other day that he thinks the job you guys are doing with the teens is great and very well done!

Love you guys, MA Blogger