Saturday, September 03, 2005

No One Panic...

Guess what? I met someone new while out weeding this weekend...a snake!!! He was green and slithery and didn't act mean at all. He just went on his merry way and I didn't even have a chance to react, which is probably good. So, I went back to my weeding and wait until you hear what I found:

A pencil that just had a tiny bit of lead attached to an eraser (I threw it away)
A plastic top to caulk ( I threw that way too)
Many, many pieces of pots. (I threw them away)

This is the big find of the night:
A thimble - one of those plastic red ones that you used to get in little sewing kits from hotels.

I cleaned it up and it is going to be in my Weeding Museum. I bet some little boy was playing out in the dirt with it many years ago! :)

I am sorry to say that I also ran into some ants again and although I thought that I was avoiding them, I still got bit. I am kind of annoyed, but I guess if someone was invading my home like that I would bite too. I sure hope that it wasn't the ants from around the driveway that re-located to the side plot or that would have been doubly mean of me.

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middle aged blogger said...

Do you live out in the country? Don't fret too much over the ants - you're not mean - you have "dominion"!
:) MAB