Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Life has certainly been interesting as of late (well, as of forever now that I think about it), but I thought that I would take a minute to sing my husband's praises. We had our 11th Anniversary this past weekend and I can hardly believe that I am a grown up and have been married that long. Daniel is a wonderful man that doesn't take compliments too well, but all is safe as he doesn't read my blog!! :) (He knows about it, but he has never ventured over to my knowledge). I believe that God has created Daniel to be a very caring, wise, funny, handsome man that I feel so blessed to be married to. Daniel has about 1247 more wonderful attributes, but I don't want to get too carried away. I'll sum up by saying that I just feel I am the luckiest girl ever!!!!! :)

Small weeding update:
more weeds, more dirt, more ants, more ant bites, need a new pair of gardening gloves, tons of pieces of broken pots or something like that, a cricket crawling on my toe, sweating a lot, and at the very end finding a small, flat piece of dirty plastic that had a miniscule resemblance to a pig. I cleaned that baby up and sure enough, a little toy plastic pig that says "Fold together. Stand up" What fun!!!!!


Danielle said...

Yeah, that husband of yours is a good guy. Plus, he has a pretty wonderful wife.

Me and Keith, you and weeding... we love what we love, even if what we love is dating Nicole Kidman! :)

Danielle said...

Um, I read that comment and it could possibly be construed that I love dating Nicole Kidman. Not so. Keith Urban is reportedly ALLEGEDLY dating Nicole Kidman.