Monday, August 01, 2005

Weeding Revisited

The weather has taken a turn for the cooler and it is once again perfect weeding weather. I was planning to start where I left off, but then I realized something unacceptable had happened....weeds grew back where I had already weeded!! The nerve!!! I figured that I might have to pull up a brave weed or two that dared to sprout in my nice clean dirt plot, but I never expected to be ganged up on by a small forest in such a short amount of time. (Remember I am new at this.) I was having bad thoughts about those weeds until my good friend...let's call her Cary Mleland, told me about this magical stuff that you can put down after you weed that mediates between you and the weeds and usually discourages the weeds from showing themselves for the rest of the season. How awesome is that. I dashed to the store (a few days later) and picked myself up some of that wondrous stuff and now I am re-weeding my front plot, which isn't fun, but at least I have a plan. I am 2/5th's done with the front and it looks lovely.

While shopping in the Garden Section, I also purchased a much needed Weed Tool. I actually have no idea if it was needed or not, but all it took was seeing the Clearance sticker, the word Professional on the package, and the fact that it was incredibly shiny. It is a hand tool that looks like an L-shaped sort of blade for retrieving hard to reach weeds and for edging. What luck, I have also been edging the driveway by hand and this turned out to be a wonderful investment of $2.70. The edging is going much better now with the exception of another run in with some ants. I gave them the "I scoff at bugs look" and apparently they gave me the "I scoff at gardening idiots" look and proceeded to bite me!!!! I was appalled. Those nasty ants bit me. I am still irritated at them and my wrist itches like the dickens! At least I stood my ground - - There was, however, one very unattractive moment when I looked down and mistakenly thought that the applique on my gardening glove was a swarm of ants devouring my flesh. There was a lot of glove throwing and arm shaking, but the applique and I survived and thankfully nobody saw my little fit.

Nothing extremely exciting to report on weeding finds. I found a little thing that looks like a jack encrusted with metal and rust, which I have kept for the moment. I also found what was probably a whole clay pot, but it had since disintegrated into many, many pieces. Then I found a little tiny hook. I quickly took it to Daniel and he didn't miss a beat when he commended me on the find and said that little tiny clothes probably used to hang on it! I might get up the gumption to post pictures of my finds. We'll see.

Well, I am off to locate the Benedryl cream once again and try not to tear my wrist off!

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