Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Maybe it is because we watched National Treasure (excellent movie!) again this weekend or maybe it is because it has been too rainy to get my weeding fix, but I have been thinking about how much I enjoy finding unexpected "treasure". I am convinced that if I were ever to get my hands on a metal detector I would totally lose touch with reality. I'd be the insane woman that you would see out at midnight in front of her home with a flashlight and a shovel unearthing a soda pop tab! I do believe that this may be partly my dad's fault. I am not sure if this was a regular occurrence or just this one incident, but I remember very clearly one summer day when I was just a kid and my dad was taking my sister, brother, and me on a walk while my Mom was at an appointment. As we walked, we started finding money...a nickel, a penny, a QUARTER! We even found some fifty cent pieces. The excitement was incredible. What are the chances that you will find that much change in one little walk, unless of course your jaunt was in the bottom of a fountain. I later found out that the chances were pretty good when your dad was cleverly dropping the change from his pocket the entire time! What fun!

Remember the pennies that I found a little while ago? Well, I have been on some kind of penny marathon since then and it is mystifying. Have there always been this many pennies, or is God telling me something? I found a penny in our garage soon after the original incident, then I saw 2 on the ground at Cedar Point. I feel a bit guilty that I did not pick those up. I mean I dug out 7 cents from the bottom of a shop vac for Pete's sake yet I didn't have the gumption to bend over and pick up these two. The ground seemed so far away. Then, I saw 2 more on the garage floor of a neighbors house when I was helping with a Luau, but I felt they weren't my pennies to pick up. Then, while visiting my in-laws this past weekend another penny surfaced. I was getting ready for bed and had my glasses on so my vision wasn't perfect. I saw something copper colored in the corner by the sewing table and it looked kind of like a leaf. My mother-in-law is an impeccable housekeeper, so I was surprised. I bent down to do my part in the upkeep of the room and when I reached over I felt money instead of foliage...a penny. How odd. I was still pondering the new penny on our way home and when we stopped for gas, I stepped out of the car, took about 2 steps and saw a penny. I picked that one up, giggled a little and decided that the rest of life will be quite fun. Each time I find one I think that God may be reminding me that there is value in everyone...

Psalm 4

I found a great verse here. I am going to try and remember it on those nights when tossing and turning is getting out of hand and sleep is far away:

I will both lie down in peace, and sleep;
For You alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety.
Psalm 4:8

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middle aged blogger said...

Sometimes God brings me peace via warmed up milk. It sounds disgusting but it's really good!!!